It all started as a CSR initiative when we were formalising the concept of ACE (Applied Career Enhancement),
we thought that we need to give back to the community from where our firm's roots originate.


• In a city like Mumbai, a huge population has missed out on educational opportunities.
• The youth find themselves out of sorts in the totally competitive market environment.
• There is a need to bridge the massive divide between the available skills and the available job market.
• Since the youth is unskilled they go for options which do not pay even minimum wages sometimes;
as a result social & economic disparity keeps on increasing.
• Every job needs communication with other people and employers are interested in workers who can express
themselves clearly. The lack of basic skills is a serious issue which can be tackled through training to improve
the employability quotient.


• ACE has given the youth belonging to the immediate vicinity a sense of direction, through the vocational courses &
trainings conducted in our facility, then channelising their dream of working for MNCs and Corporates, which have tied up with ACE as their HR partner in a back to back arrangement for employment.
• We have also empanelled counselors from senior management positions in the Operations / H R departments with various MNCs and Large Corporate houses, to give career guidance for optimizing the youths' potential.
• Our trainer works with these people on their personal grooming, soft skills, corporate eticate along with vocational skills viz - Telecalling skills and Computer skills to get them to a standard wherein they stand to be employable,
in the sunshine industries.
• To provide spoken English training to improve the employability quotient to bridge the curricula - corporate gap.
• This provides them with an environment to work in the organised sector within &
outside their community while being gainfully employed.
• Promote the female gender to work in an equal opporunity environment.
• Endevour to create a generation of people to work in the non traditional sectors - ensuring upgraded
lifestyle and working conditions.


ACE has tied up with different NGOs to partner them in gainfully placing their candidates with various corporates.
To name a few of the NGOs which are doing fantastic work in their communities in and around Mumbai,
viz :
- Vedant Foundation
- Yuva
- Kotak Labs etc.

We conduct job fairs at various locations not only in and around Mumbai but also in rural Maharashtra (in places like Akola, Sholapur, Nashik, Kankavli etc. ACE FOUNDATION conducts these job fairs to provide the youth of the area multiple job opportunities free of cost, at their door step.

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