"ACE" - Applied Career Enhancement, a Human Resources Company to provide a complete Staffing Solution for you.

The Human Capital is the most powerful asset of a company and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any company. Companies across the globe lay critical emphasis on their human resource function and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right person for the right job.

Need to contain a certain headcount, seasonal increase in business, need to lower the capital expenditure and a demand for niche skill sets are some of the underlying reasons that have made companies opt for out sourcing.
Today “HR Outsourcing”, also known as Temporary staffing or Flexi staffing, has become a globally accepted norm.

The Staffing Division of ACE Human Resources Solutions, is an organization working on the latest cutting edge technology to provide end to end solutions in temporary staffing.


It is a tripartite relation between a Client company, an Out sourcing company and the Employee. The relationship between the three parties is illustrated below:

• The out sourcing Company and the Client Company sign a service agreement
• The out sourcing Company offers a fixed term deputation letter to the Employee.
• The Employee provides his services to the Client.

The relationship between the Client and the Out sourcing company is vide an Agreement, which establishes a tripartite relationship whereby the out sourcing partner acts as the employer of the employee who works at the client’s location. Under this arrangement the out sourcing company assumes responsibility for the personnel administration and statutory compliance of the employee as per government regulations, while the client retains the employee’s services for its core business (for all practical purpose, the day to day reporting remains with the client company).


Mass recruitments, can organize recruitment drives with a minimal TAT.
• Temporary to permanent recruitment, after checking out the culture fitment.
• Identification of associates based on client understanding and requirement
• Induction program coupled with a very structured but easy joining formality.
• Manage the Administrative & Payroll activities and the Statutory Compliances.
• Transfer the headache of your HR department by having a help desk for all employee queries.
• Manage the services like sales reports / MIS etc.
• All statutory compliances viz. PF / ESIC / PT / LWF / CLA etc handled by the compliance team.
• Maintenance of all Registers (muster roll, wage register, leave register etc)

Given the mix of collective skills & experience, commitment to deadlines and a strong culture of ethics, ACE has ably adapted to the fast-changing business environment and customer expectations. The company is supported by dynamic set of recruiters. In keeping with the current industry requirements, ACE has developed a mix of professionals with an all round experience. The educated approach provides a platform for the customer to identify the necessary cutting edge.

The ACE HR team’s culture ensures that employees have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for the company's growth. ACE respects the stringent expectations of highly competitive, new economy firms who value commitment and quality from their business partners. ACE strives to meet their expectations and is proud to be associated with such clients.

The ACE team endeavors to work as an extension of your HR department, to ensure that you savor a very satisfactory experience in our dealings. When you assign the staffing responsibility to ACE Human Resources Solutions you can be rest assured that your organization will be equipped with a high performance workforce. Our Promoter and President has been toiling to excel since 1984 and has created a mark as one of the most dedicated team in the field of Academics not only in Mumbai but also in rural Maharashtra. The management has an experience of more than a decade of experience in HR coupled with specific industry expertise giving us the competence to meet the most challenging assignment. We make it our business to understand every employer's individual need and closely match it with the profile of our candidates. Perhaps, if you are looking at offsetting a temporary shortfall in your workforce. Here too we can fill the position on a short term basis from our vast pool of talented candidates, without compromising on quality of talent. If you are a candidate of the Indian job market, submit your resume by mailing us at cv@acehr.net