ACE - Applied Career Enhancement,
a Human Resources Company to provide a complete training & development solution for you.

ACE has been started with the idea of providing quality communication skills to people from all back grounds. English being one of the important languages in our business world has still not been mastered by many of us. Bridging this gap is our main motto. How would you like to see yourself in the next 1 month!!!

Along with developing your communication skills in English we also aim at your overall development through -

• Personality Development - Grooming and Enhancing your Confidence.
• Our counselors would also be helping you with selecting the right career field by
understanding your interest level.
• The recruitment services forum helps you with placements in the desired industry.

This course is for all individuals who want to develop their command over spoken English - grammar, fluency, accent, vocabulary, sentence formation and Public speaking.
• Students
• Working Executives
• Individuals
Weekly Assessments with personal feedbacks for a fast paced growth.

The Training modules have been developed after a thorough research done by our management in line with different Market Leaders in the field of BPOs / Retail / Banking & Finance so that we can cater to their specific needs.
• Grammar & Vocabulary - Correct usage of Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, adjectives,
  articles, tenses. Implementation of grammar in sentence formation.
• Building Vocabulary – Learning new words and the everyday usage.
• Effective communication –Removing barriers of Communication, Speaking & Listening Actively.
• Use of Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs, Comprehension & Composition
• Daily conversation practice sessions with Video recording.
• Preparing for Group Discussions and Oration.
• Telephone Etiquettes.
• Personality Enhancement - Positive Attitude, Dealing with Nervousness, personal hygiene and grooming
• Key skills required to face an Interview.

• Types of Call Centre, Functioning of a Call Centre, Scope of the BPO Industry.
• Outbound / Inbound / Marketing skills
• Reading Skills – with focus on wave modulation
• Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
• Jaw Exercises Pronunciation of Consonants & Vowels
• Diction Analysis
• Pronunciation Power Guide
• Introduction to Vowel & Consonants
• Intonation Syllable
• Basics of American & British Accent
• Understanding the international business culture
• Role Plays.